Our Concept

Our Concept is simple. We get children involved in the lesson with our unique book-plus-construction-toy approach. Your child reads the book (or has it read to them), which features a verse from the Qur'aan. Thereafter, they will follow the steps to build the toy (as described in the book by Dahlia and Ali). By physically getting involved, your children will remember the lessons from the Qur'aan better than if you were to just read them a book.

Lessons from the Qur'aan

STEM Concepts

Build Along Books

Construction Based Toys

Lesson from The Qur'aan

The Qur'aan is our starting point. Instead of an entire story from the Qur'aan, we focus on a small, 'bite-sized' portion (1 or 2 verses) of the Qur'aan for each set. That way, we're able to teach kids the message of the Qur'aan more effectively.

A Build Along Book which Encourages Reading

We then build a story around these verses with the adventures of Dahlia and her younger brother Ali. The build instruction for the toy is thoughtfully crafted into the story, to encourage children to read in order to build the toy! We have beautifully hand drawn art which makes the lesson even more impactful

A Construction Toy which Fosters Development

As the story develops, Dahlia and Ali have to build something, related to the story! When a child reads the book (or has it read to them by a parent) and then constructs a toy, it reinforces the lessons learnt from the Qur'aan. Our toys are built to last! You don't just have to build what Dahlia and Ali build, the blocks are designed to be interchangeable like Lego or Meccano, so get creative!

One or More Concepts from STEM

All our toys will teach your kids one or more elements of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). We've crafted these concepts into each toy, so your child's mind will be stimulated through play. At Binaye Blocks, we believe that STEM will help reinforce the lessons from the Qur'aan.

What is STEM?

We use STEM based concepts to benefit your child.

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