How do you get children to

Understand the message of the Qur'aan in a fun, interactive way?

Books have long been the only option. Well, we're changing that - we are Binaye Blocks. Involvement is the most effective way to teach, so we decided to couple a construction toy to a story that is based on verses from the Qur'aan. After almost a year of design, development, testing and iterating, we had our first prototype.


Year Development

Two years after we've set out on this journey of getting kids to connect with the Qur'aan, and we now have two toys in the Binaye Blocks range - and we're only getting started. 


Quality Product

All components are manufactured to the highest quality standards and are 100% safe for children of all ages.


We're Funded

We showed our concept to the world by running a crowdfunding campaign to help kick-start the business - and, all praise due to Allah, the most high, our campaign was successful. 

Did you know?

We ran a crowd funding campaign through Indiegogo so that our product can reach a global audience

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Our First Set in the Binaye Blocks Range

For our first set, entitled "Dahlia and Ali at the Start of It All", we feature all mentions of Clay in the Qur'aan - from the creation of Adam (Peace be upon him), to the creation of human beings. As the story Progresses, Dahlia and Ali get to build a Clay Printing Machine. Click here to find out more.

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